Easy Thanksgiving recipe: Cranberry Sauce

cranbery sauce recipe

Whatever you are cooking – turkey for Thanksgiving, a christmas goose, venison, lamb or simply a nice sunday roast – you can’t go wrong with Cranberry Sauce. It’s even the thing on baked or breaded camembert or on a roastbeef sandwich. One can only love this fruity sauce combined with hearty dishes.

thanksgiving recipe


Rezept für Cranberry Sauce

250 g cranberrys
150 g water
125 g cater sugar
50g Portwine (or some other red wine instead)

Optional: If you want to give the sauce a little twist here are some ideas. You can use one or two of these ingreditens additionally: Use orange juice instead of the water. Put some orange zest, a pinch of cinnamon, allspice or ginger (grated fresh ginger or candied) into the sauce. Or you can add fresh and small cutted pieces of peas or apples and cook it thouroughly threw.


  • Combine Water (or orange juice), portwine and caster sugar in a middle sized cooking pot. Heat and stirr until the sugar has resolved.
  • Now add the washed and sorted (put the bad away) cranberries to the cooking fluid. If you want to add some pieces of apple or pear, put them also into the cooking pot.
  • Cook at medium heat for 15 – 20 minutes until all the cranberrys break open.
  • I let the cranberry sauce cook a little bit longer and squash the berries with a fork, becaus I don’t like big chunks in my cranbery sauce. Persons who like it smoother can pass the fruits additionally with a food mill or a blender. Don’t worry if the sauce is nit thick enough: After getting cold the sauce will thicken because of the amount of pectin the fruits contain.
  • Fill the hot cranberry sauce – like when you cook marmelade – hot in sterilized preserving jars (mabe you want the helf of a ladle and a funnel), close the lids and and turn the tightly closed jars immediatly upside-down and place them on a wet kitchen towel.
  • Let the jars cool down. When you turn the cooled jars back, the lids should be drawn-in. If you want to use the cranberry sauce immediately or the next day, just skip this step and put it into the fridge. If you want to preserve the sauce for longer than a few month, boil the closed jars additionally for minimum 40 minutes in hot water.

cranbery sauce recipe

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